How to avoid changing the design during making of the architectural model

Have you ever tried to make a architectural model during which designers often change the design? If so please continue 🙂

Scenario 1
You are drafting, coming to the new file, open the email found changed, your draft was half and had to be modified again.

Scenario 2
Otherwise, you have already processed the model parts and assembled, and then the new file has come, and when you view it, the design is changed.

Scenario 3
You made the physical model is completed, then the designer appeared, tell you that this part to change.

Scenario 4
Completely okay

It is foreseeable that scenario 1 may not be so serious you only need to modify the draft in the computer. In addition to the scenario 4, the other is greatly reduced money and time. This causes the model maker to create a habit:


If there are any questions, the design is not complete, do not try to draft, wait until the meeting with the design team to discuss and get the design concept or design.

In fact, the real solution is:

It is necessary to draw a 3D model to the architectural design team before making the model. This will avoid changing the model when model maker make the model. If their design changes, you only need to change the model inside the computer until they decide the design, Finally in the beginning of the production of physical building model.

How do you solve this problem?
Please share your comments in the comments section.


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