4 advantage architectural models making must use renderings

In the architectural model draft stage, the computer effect is popular, because of its characteristics and advantages. So, what are these characteristics and advantages? We will analyze it.

  1. Convenient and fast
    Computer rendering production time is short, convenient and fast. In the draft stage of the architectural model, the fastest renderings can be presented as soon as possible so that the design team knows the way to complete the model at the later stage. Of course, it is necessary to have a good artistic and aesthetic ability to produce a high quality and excellent renderings.
  2. low cost
    Material costs and low production costs. Computer rendering graphics as long as you have a computer, and install the relevant software on it, which may be considered a one-time relatively large investment.
  3. The effect of first-class performance
    The use of computer rendering can not only easily achieve multi-angle display space and level, but also has a different display, style, can show a photo-level realism effect. For example, in the display of some architectural models, you can very carefully view the details and improvements, can also be viewed from different angles and rendering.
  4. Easy to modify, easy to copy
    Rendering is mainly used to display design, more importantly, easy to communicate. Render the image similar to the effect after the complete, for dissatisfied places, can be modified in time. This can be done very quickly to achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of the work.

We are in the proportion of the architectural model draft stage to 3d modeling way, so the performance of the renderings is based on the real building model after the completion of the look, of course, it can be virtual dismantling or even direct cnc processing.

Do you want to use the renderings in the architectural model drafting stage? Please share your comments.


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