How to delete dimensions and convert scale in the architectural drawing within 1 hour

Do you think the initial preparation drawings of architectural model making is boring?

Generally in the beginning to drafting architectural models must be handled before the thing is to convert the scale of the drawing file, remove unnecessary texts, dimensions, etc., in particular, repeat the operation of converting a large number of files such boring work to spend at least a few Hour. 

In some customer inquiries, we decided to launch this service for architectural model maker, we call this: Rapid preparation drawings for architectural model” simply called RDP, the purpose is to reduce the time to drafting the model in the early processing file.


We use the thousands files tested. The above chart showing user processing takes 8 hours. Our RDP service takes only an hour.

Rapid preparation drawing for architectural model (RDP)

All processed files include the following highlights:

✔ Convert building plans to any scale

✔ Delete unwanted text / mtext

✔ Delete unwanted dimensions

✔ Enter the user’s layer *

✔ Enter user layer group filter *

✔ Fast processing

✔ Reduces drawing prep time by 90% *

✔ Completely free service *

To use our Free service is very simple, you only need to:

Upon completion, our RDP free to serve you, to send architectural drawings to us in two ways:

  • A small number of files can be sent to our by email
  • A large number of files you can add to our wechat: dimkagroup, send a download link with your email address we process the file to complete and will send it back to you.

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